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About Tantra

Tantra is a powerful tool for happiness and personal growth. It is a way of making the body, emotions and mind stronger and more harmonious so that we have greater potential to grow and learn more about ourselves. It is the path of embracing and bringing consciousness to all of life’s experiences and energies, including the sensual and erotic experiences of life. The ancient tantrics realised that everything we experience in life is energy, but the most powerful is the sexual energy, so if we can learn to control it then all the others will naturally be easier to handle and we can have much more control in our life. Being empowered in this way naturally removed stress and anxiety, bringing a great feeling of happiness and relaxation.

Sexual energy is the life force that animates and dynamises all life. Awakening it powerfully and circulating it throughout the whole body brings about great healing, happiness and love; also rejuvenating and regenerating every part of us. It helps us grow, and awaken the superior human qualities we have within – our creativity, intuition, realms of genius, and profound love – taking us towards a fuller experience of what it means to be a human being.

If you are curious about how we do what we do, or would like to know more about Tantra for your own personal development, then please talk to us about further learning, courses, workshops and initiations.