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Tantric massage for women

Touch is the secret gate to our heart.

The tantra massage is a gentle, warm, conscious and uplifting oil massage, where the masseur / masseuse – according to your choice – skilfully uses their hands and different parts of the body i.e. forearms, legs to create a beautiful, sensual, relaxing and heart opening experience. All our therapists have many years of personal practice in yoga, tantra and tantric massage.

Tantric massage for women is a massage for the body, mind and soul. During the massage you will feel pampered, caressed, relaxed but also energized and sensually awakened, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Magic is a key element in such a massage, and one of the aspects that differentiate this type of massage from other types. This feeling of magic that can be felt results from the sacred and very conscious attitude of the therapist, from the unique ambience he / she creates. This attitude of the masseur / masseuse is important because the Tantric massage is working with some very intimate energies so the best attitude is required.

Our tantric massage is inspired by both the millennial Tantric and Taoist tradition and includes elements from the classical relaxation massage, Pressopuncture, Ayurvedic massage, and lymphatic massage.

All the massage techniques will eliminate stress and tension accumulated in your body and will generate very refined states of pleasure and happiness.

The tantric massage for women is at least 1.5 hours (this is the minimum duration if yoni massage is included). Of course you can choose to stay 2-3 hours.

What are the benefits of our tantric massage for women?

– relief of stress and tensions

– healing emotional traumas

– elimination of frigidity and anorgasmia

– awakening of refined erotic energy

– fulfilment, pleasure, happiness

– intense and refined feelings that take you into another dimension of your consciousness

What is Yoni massage?

Yoni massage is a massage performed with delicacy and tenderness on the outer and inner parts of the vagina. The word “yoni” comes from the Sanskrit language and refers to the female sexual organs that are seen as a sacred temple. Practiced in India and China for more than 1000 years, the goal of vaginal massage is to heal and to awaken the woman.

Yoni massage is an intimate massage in which all parts of the vagina are stimulated and energized, through massage and pressopuncture techniques. It is known in certain traditions that all organs and parts of our body are projected and have a certain corresponding area on the soles, palms, ears and especially on the genitals. This intimate massage for women is offered only on request and is performed at the end of the massage, in a warm, empathic atmosphere.

The benefits of the yoni massage are numerous:

– awakens the ability to experience several types of orgasm

– increases libido

– healing of anorgasmia, frigidity

– elimination of lower back pain

– regaining emotional balance

– elimination of menstrual pain

– elimination of emotional traumas

– delayed menopause

– unlocking erotic energy

– maintaining the vaginal muscles in optimal shape

– release of pain during sexual intercourse

– gives the ability to experience multiple, tantric orgasm, which is felt throughout the body

– increased self-confidence

– discovering one’s femininity and the confidence to manifest it

– the woman becomes bright and radiant

This type of massage will allow you to fully abandon yourself, allowing your feminine and sensual energies to flow, helping you to access the present moment and your heart, and to be able to awaken in yourself certain special states of femininity which naturally arise when a woman is deeply relaxed, open and free.

At the end of the massage, you will be offered refreshments and there will be plenty of time to discuss your experience and/or ask questions.

“There was a moment when I felt true freedom; my senses were heightened; I felt present; my mind didn’t wonder into the past or future, it was still and in the now, embracing the experience which was out of this world – words do not do it justice, it has to be experienced – and this was only in the first session!!! I’m just thinking what more sessions will bring…”

“I feel much more present in my daily life. I feel peaceful and content with myself. I feel my feminine side coming back, something I abandoned a long time ago due to having to “man” up to survive in a world where women are suppressed, but I have learnt that you needn’t give up your femininity, as Shakti is the female energy that governs nature, having the power to create and destroy at the same time, so how can she be weak?!”

“It is a beautiful temple. I absolutely love the decor and ambience. To me it feels spiritual and I feel calm and peaceful. My masseur sets my intentions by asking me how I have been since the last session and if I’ve felt any difference in my energy levels or life in general, and what it is that I want to gain out of this session. I like that I am not just another person on the massage bed but am treated as an individual. I also like that we get a chance to talk about the session and how I can keep my energy going when I’m back out there.”

Our Terms

Every client is required to shower before the massage and we provide everything you will need for this

Thank you for not asking for any sexual services during the massage or after